Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flying car..

So, hey guys..

have u ever flown in a car turning left and right then doing a 180 up a pavement at a 45 degree angle just to avoid a car coming from a opposite lane to ur lane on a up hill while u going down hill??

YES!! I HAVE.. and i tell u THANK GOD his blessing was apon us thats rite there were others in my car.. about 5 including me =].

Well it was a friday(3/9/10) evening at 6 we the INTI Christian Fellowship (ICF) went for our first outing climbing the Bukit Jambul hill. We played games there and had sharing about walking with God. Had a great time then climb back down in kind of a dark hill at late 7p.m.

Then decided that we were going to eat at Genting Green Lane.. Since its close to sinnee and yi ying's pastor's place for a leaders meeting. So me cheok and Fu and the girls came in the car and we drove off from INTI!.

Just after the hill i saw a car in my lane!! DOWN HILL HE WAS ON MY LANE!!. and yea i wasn't slow.. if u all know me.. i was about 80?

So knowing i got 2 choice BANG HIM! or avoid. so i avoided not knowing i went out from the road to the left and right not knowing (btw it was my first time doing this down hill) i would lost control of the car and turned a 180*U-Turn* then hit the pavement making my car going 45 degree up on 2 wheels..

This was what was going through my mind at that time.. P.S. sorry for the vaugarity. "OH SHIT!! I DONT WANT TO BANG *turns to left* OH NO I'M NOT GOING TO GO TO THE DRAIN!!!! *turns back to the road* OH SHIT I LOST CONTROL! *car swirve left right and made the 180 degree went up the pavement on 2 wheels through the muddy ground **thank God for that** * DONT TOPPLE OVER! I'M GONNA DIE! **smiles while this all happen{dont ask y i just smiled}** *car landed on the ground* PHEW~~ *made a three point turn back to original road.

After that we all came down and check the car and NOTHING WAS DAMAGED!!! WOW!!! my heart was happy.
  • New paint job 1 month old.
  • Dad would kill me.
  • No car to use till i own 1.
  • No 1 will sit my driving again.
  • I wont want to drive again.
But my car made noise when we moved again. so we stopped again and found that my rear left tire was dented and the axcis was broken but still able to move so drove on hazzrd lights to Petronas to change the wheel [thanks petronas guy].

Then got every 1 to my place then met up with the rest. we each shared what we were thinking during that time.. wow u wouldn't know what each of us was thinking.. but interesting =]

So lesson learnt.. NEVER GO DOWN HILL AT 80!