Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Friends Feelings

Have you ever wondered or ponder upon the feelings of a friend guy or girl.. some may take friends as their brothers sisters alike but do we really know how they feel?

have we ever looked in their eye and have a one on one talk with them to ask them "what's wrong?". Some may have done it some not. Why not?

A few reason I can share is 
  1. We don't want to know about what their feeling because it might be a burden to us.
  2. We might not like the answer to the question.
  3. We might end a great friendship.
Well I can tell you this.. if you dun ask and talk with them.. I can tell you all 3 will happen and it will happen bad..

Well the worst part is only one of them will come true.. ratio of 3:1 ?

The choice is entirely up to you. If you do peruse it, please do till the end and be there for each other cause nothing in this world can beat a best friend.

And for those who is down and seeing this please talk to your friends. Going through this alone is not good for you neither is it for others some may already sense it but kept quiet thinking it will die off. yes it will but will rekindle some where in the future where you will regret what you say so please get it over with.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm back =]

Hello.. i know not many of you would read this but hi.. lol..

anyways tmr maths 2 exams.. gg.com.. haha... doing the assignments till late dam.
just need to blog something..

oh well march intake is in IICP... making the carpark even more full lol.. going to have to plan faster d.. and guys DOUBLE PARK MAN!! and pls at least put ur number on ur car window if u double park another person who u dont know... thank you.


Vic C.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flying car..

So, hey guys..

have u ever flown in a car turning left and right then doing a 180 up a pavement at a 45 degree angle just to avoid a car coming from a opposite lane to ur lane on a up hill while u going down hill??

YES!! I HAVE.. and i tell u THANK GOD his blessing was apon us thats rite there were others in my car.. about 5 including me =].

Well it was a friday(3/9/10) evening at 6 we the INTI Christian Fellowship (ICF) went for our first outing climbing the Bukit Jambul hill. We played games there and had sharing about walking with God. Had a great time then climb back down in kind of a dark hill at late 7p.m.

Then decided that we were going to eat at Genting Green Lane.. Since its close to sinnee and yi ying's pastor's place for a leaders meeting. So me cheok and Fu and the girls came in the car and we drove off from INTI!.

Just after the hill i saw a car in my lane!! DOWN HILL HE WAS ON MY LANE!!. and yea i wasn't slow.. if u all know me.. i was about 80?

So knowing i got 2 choice BANG HIM! or avoid. so i avoided not knowing i went out from the road to the left and right not knowing (btw it was my first time doing this down hill) i would lost control of the car and turned a 180*U-Turn* then hit the pavement making my car going 45 degree up on 2 wheels..

This was what was going through my mind at that time.. P.S. sorry for the vaugarity. "OH SHIT!! I DONT WANT TO BANG *turns to left* OH NO I'M NOT GOING TO GO TO THE DRAIN!!!! *turns back to the road* OH SHIT I LOST CONTROL! *car swirve left right and made the 180 degree went up the pavement on 2 wheels through the muddy ground **thank God for that** * DONT TOPPLE OVER! I'M GONNA DIE! **smiles while this all happen{dont ask y i just smiled}** *car landed on the ground* PHEW~~ *made a three point turn back to original road.

After that we all came down and check the car and NOTHING WAS DAMAGED!!! WOW!!! my heart was happy.
  • New paint job 1 month old.
  • Dad would kill me.
  • No car to use till i own 1.
  • No 1 will sit my driving again.
  • I wont want to drive again.
But my car made noise when we moved again. so we stopped again and found that my rear left tire was dented and the axcis was broken but still able to move so drove on hazzrd lights to Petronas to change the wheel [thanks petronas guy].

Then got every 1 to my place then met up with the rest. we each shared what we were thinking during that time.. wow u wouldn't know what each of us was thinking.. but interesting =]

So lesson learnt.. NEVER GO DOWN HILL AT 80!



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Unite INTI PG Preview!!

Hello every one.
Now some of u may know and are having a Semester break
from studies but are wondering what to do??
Well here's what i did =D
INTI's CF is going to have a Unite concert and u all are invited =D
here are some of the pictures of us working hard and playing hard =p

So why not come on to the concert its FOC thats ritee.. Free of charge =D
so come on down!!
Singapure's City Harvest Chruch is coming down to perform and help out in the
WorkShops that are going to be held during that day!
The concert will be on the 31 July 10
at 7.00 p.m.
C.U. There

Sunday, July 18, 2010



but i got nth and nowhere to go.. haih..
work lor.. =)

anyways yesterday's Bon Odori was nice..
first time ever i've been there.
not bad would love to go back again and skipping the jam part would also be nice

anyways HAPPY HOLIDAYS to my sem ppl

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Aduhi Maths can die d =/
Ms. Ch'ng gave us a real hard one today.
don't think many of us can make it through.
Hope for a miracle can happen and we pass =]

One more paper to go and that EEE =D
That is good because all of us can mostly do it
Yippy to us =]
Here's something to distress yourself XDPeace

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jimbo's Big 18th B'day

Yesterday we celebrated Mr. JIMBO here *points down* 's 18th BIRTHDAY!! WOHOO~~
we went to Kayu to have our lunch there wah and it was EXP!!
Here are the people there =]


RM 25.00
Killer!! Pity Zhi Yan.. 1 prawn is RM10.
So readers beware of Prawns.
They suck your money out.

All in all was good had fun chatting after ENL paper =]
Today gonna have MAT darn.
Wish me luck =/