Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How to say best friends/friends in different languagues

well i was quite bored after an extreamly unexplanable exams so i found these out...

Best Friends~~~

Les Meilleurs Amis- French
Los Mejores Amigos- Spanish
Amici Migliori- Italian
Beste Freunde- German
Beste Vrienden- Dutch
Καλύτεροι φίλοι- Greek
親友(shin yuu)- Japanese
가장 친한 친구- Korean
Os Mais melhores Amigos- Portuguese
Самые лучшие Друзья- Russian
sahiby, sadiqi, or rafiqi- Arabic
好友 hǎo yǒu- Mandarin(Chinese)
najlepší priatelia - slovak
nejlepší přítelé - czech
Suod nga higala- Cebouano
chaverim haci tovim - hebrew

Albanian -- mik
Afrikaans - vriend
Chinese - péngyou
Dutch - vriend, vriendje
Danish - ven
Estonian - sõber
French - ami
German - freund
Georgian - megobari
Hungarian - barát
Indian - dost
Italian - amico
Irish - cara
Japanese -- tomodachi
Korean -- jingu
Latin -- amicus
Manx -- carrey
Russian -- prijátel
Sanskrit -- mitra
Spanish -- amigo

Thursday, March 13, 2008



what are friends for???

well this i can say every person have a diff view of it...

my is :

-to make u feel that ur not alone
-to bring joy to your life
-to help u when ur in need
-to chare your things with
-to correct your mistakes
-to share your secrets with

thats my 6 point of views of friendship.

no matter who u are u need friends...

just take birds for example...

do u see 1 bird in the sky or flight of them

do they travel alone??
do they live alone??

No rite....

when its time to go home birds will call/cherp and all of them will fly back to their nest...

this not only shows friendship but also family values...

so what is friendship to u??